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Helmut Nold & John Dony (Eds.)
Journey to Vision Zero
2015, 180 Seiten, 29,00 €, ISBN 978-3-89334-590-8
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In August 2014, occupational safety and health experts from around the world met in Frankfurt for the 20th World Congress for Safety and Health at Work. The theme was: „Our Vision: Designing Sustainable Prevention“
1. Prevention Culture ­ Prevention Strategy ­ Vision Zero
2. Challenges for health at work
3. Diversity in the working world
The first of these points is as: „Vision Zero ­ a world in which people work safely and in good health, and where they are protected from serious accidents. This requires all continents to be involved in a prevention culture of safety and health at work as well as sustainable strategies for the well-being of humans and the benefit of economic and social systems.“

This book lists individual paths to „Vision Zero.“ How do experts imagine the path to „Zero Accidents“? How important is „healthy working?“ The experts involved in these discussions come from many sources. Some took part in the ancillary event organized by the BG RCI during the World Congress for Safety and Health in Frankfurt on 24 August 2014. Some attended the Executive Summit of the Campbell Institute on 15 September 2014 in San Diego. Some are global partners of the Robert W. Campbell Award family. Others were asked by the publishers to contribute an article because they are recognized experts in the field of occupational safety and health.